Truth or dare is a very popular game. Starting from kids to the adults everybody loves to play this game. You can put a person into a random situation and can take fun of him or her.

Truth or dare questions game is typically a party game where you can not only take fun of others but also can embarrass people! But also there are many good questions to ask in truth or dare. It is the best way to know the person whom you think you know well but for that you need to pick the best truth or dare questions. There are many unique dares for truth or dare and countless good truths for truth or dare.

How to play truth or dare : It’s a very simple game. All you need to do is, in the group whose birthday is near will start asking the question. And if you take truth over dare then you have to answer honestly to the question and if you select dare over truth then you have to do whatever is asked.

If you try to know the person well you can be selective about your questions. If you want to find out people’s dark secrets then you can select questions accordingly and if you want to embarrass your friend publicly to make fun only then you can try out the funny or dirty dares. It’s not an age restricted game but obviously you can play it in a kids friendly way too.

You can even play the game online truth or dare questions. It’s great to play with your friends who are even far away from you. In fact the best part is you can play truth or dare questions over text too. So just collect all the truths questions to ask and have fun!

Select Your Truth or Dare Questions