Boyfriend conversation topics:

These conversation starters for your boyfriend are undoubtedly amazing. Because these boyfriend conversation starters can be a very unique idea for your first date. If you are an introvert person and are not being able to start a conversation properly then you can take the help of these questions!

  1. What according to you is a perfect day?
  2. What did you learn from your last relationship?
  3. What is that one thing you are damn rigid about?
  4. How do you deal with your sadness?
  5. Have you ever been into a toxic relationship?
  6. What’s your perfect vacation idea?
  7. What do you hate the most about yourself?
  8. Do you believe that you are perfect?
  9. What makes you feel proud?
  10. Have you ever given someone an amazing compliment?
  11. Have you ever faced any issue finding a good job?
  12. Are you happy with the people you have in your life?
  13. What’s the most exciting event you have ever participated in?
  14. Whats your idea about death?
  15. What are the top 3 words of your life?
  16. What was the last book you read ?
  17. What type of books do you generally love to read?
  18. If you get a friend who talks the way you talk to your friends what will you do?
  19. What small things make you happy in life?
  20. What’s your biggest weakness in life?
  21. What are those things for which you have struggled the most?
  22. What do you want from your life?
  23. What’s your most embarrassing moment in life?
  24. Is there any friend with whom you are not in touch for long but you still miss?
  25. Have you ever done something weird in public?
  26. What’s the craziest thing you have done in office?
  27. Can you read people’s minds?
  28. What are your plans about your future?
  29. What are healthy habits/
  30. How do you treat mean minded people?
  31. If you get into a relationship what will you look for to maintain it?
  32. In which country would you love to visit?
  33. What was your most emotional moment ?
  34. What makes you a confident person you think?
  35. Have you ever felt like you’re going to die?
  36. If you see your girlfriend with some other guy what will you do?
  37. If you learn someday that your sister is having a boyfriend how will you react you think?
  38. What’s more important in your life you think?
  39. Do you believe that life can be unpredictable?
  40. Do you love any sports?

Conversation topics for your girlfriend:

Generally people love to share their experiences, memories and events and if the person is none other than but your partner then that’s the most comfortable vibe one can have! This idea of conversation starters for girlfriend can be more interesting if you choose some smart questions indeed. In this list you will get many good conversation starters for your girlfriend. In these conversation starters for your girlfriend you will get many interesting approaches, many relationship related questions and in fact can get ideas about your girlfriend’s personal likes and dislikes! 

  1. What success means to you?
  2. How do you deal with the failures of life?
  3. Have you ever faced any strong obstacle in your life?
  4. How much hopeful are you about life?
  5. What annoys you about social media?
  6. What’s the worst thing you have done to your friends?
  7. What’s the real meaning of marriage to you?
  8. If you find a more handsome guy than your boyfriend what will you do?
  9. What’s the most disheartening thing you have ever faced in your life?
  10. What’s the toughest lesson you have ever learned from your life?
  11. How well do you know yourself?
  12. What do you think can be the role of a woman in a relationship?
  13. What major changes can occur after marriage you think?
  14. Have you ever tried flirting with any guy?
  15. Have you ever had any experience of cheating or getting cheated in a relationship?
  16. What small thing can make a bigger difference in life ?
  17. What one thing of your boyfriend annoys you the most?
  18. Do you love partying?
  19. How much do you respect the stereotypical family values?
  20. If you get a chance to visit any place where would you go first?
  21. How was your entire day?
  22. Have you ever faced any horrible thing in your life?
  23. What is that one thing you find the most attractive?
  24. What was the last movie you enjoyed the most?
  25. What’s the first thing you do whenever you become sad?
  26. When was the last time you became over excited?
  27. What challenges have you ever faced in your education?
  28. Do you remember our first meeting?
  29. Do you remember when was the last time you kissed?
  30. If you get a chance to shift to a new city or new country what will you do?
  31. Where do you often go to hangout with your friends?
  32. Which is your favourite restaurant?
  33. What’s your idea about a perfect marriage proposal?
  34. If you can change anything about our relationship what will be that?
  35. Do you maintain any diary?
  36. What’s your favourite timepass?
  37. How fair your life is to you?
  38. Do you regret ditching anybody?
  39. Arrange marriage or love marriage, what’s your type and why?
  40. What’s the wisest criticism you have ever done?

As we all know the popular saying that when life gives you lemon make it lemonade! Similarly when you’re getting such great conversation starter ideas just rock the stage!