Nothing can beat the power of good communication and conversing is the best medium for that! A healthy and good conversation is a superb idea in many ways but for introverts starting a conversation can be a horrible thing! So for them here we come up with a great collection list!

Couple conversation topics:

In this list you will definitely have some amazing conversation starter for couples. Some deep conversation topics for couples are also mentioned over here. In fact we have tried to collect some collection of conversation starters for new couples as well. 

  1. What was your first impression about me?
  2. When you first saw me what word first came into your mind?
  3. What annoys you?
  4. What embarrasses you?
  5. What makes you feel heavenly?
  6. Do you remember our first meeting?
  7. Do you even remember when our first kiss was?
  8. Have you ever felt that life is being unfair to you?
  9. Where do you want to see yourself after five or ten years?
  10. Did you enjoy our first date?
  11. How often do you go for night out parties?
  12. What are your fears in life?
  13. When was the last time you shouted on somebody?
  14. What can make you upset?
  15. What can I do to make you happy?
  16. What surprises do you love the most?
  17. What food combinations you love the most?
  18. If you get stuck in an elevator with an unknown will you start a conversation?
  19. How can you show love to someone?
  20. What do you hate the most about yourself?
  21. If you get a chance to change someone who will be that person?
  22. What life events do you still miss?
  23. What are your best three rules for life?
  24. Whom do you believe is the best support system of yours?
  25. If I ask you to give me a compliment what will be that?
  26. When in life you felt most disrespected?
  27. Do you believe in saving?
  28. Who’s your favourite person?
  29. What one thing you can’t ever lose from your life?
  30. If you get stuck on a lonely island what will you do?What’s your favourite dress code for a party?
  31. Have you ever experienced failure in life and how do you deal with that?
  32. What’s your biggest strength in life?
  33. What are the things still unachieved in your life?
  34. Do you believe in mutual decision in a relationship?
  35. Have you ever felt depressed in your life?

Deep conversation starters relationship:

And if you want ideas about conversation starters for relationships then also we are here for you with a bunch of new conversation topics for relationships.

  1. If suddenly you win a lottery what will you do?
  2. Two words that can describe yourself best?
  3. What is your best school life memory?
  4. If there is something about the relationship in which I should work you can tell.
  5. Do you have secrets that I still don’t know?
  6. What is your biggest achievement you believe?
  7. What small achievements in life gave you the greatest happiness and why?
  8. Who is mentally closer to you?
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. How do you chill after spending a stressful day?
  11. If you get a chance to date anyone you want whom will you choose?
  12. Name three people you can never lose from your life?
  13. Do you have any fitness goals?
  14. How fond you are about makeup?
  15. If today is your last day in this relationship what will you do?
  16. Do you feel that everything is going smooth in our relationship?
  17. Do you think that I have the freedom to do whatever I want?
  18. Do you think that communication can make difficult things go easier?
  19. What do your friends think of you?
  20. How do you deal with failures in your life?
  21. What is that one thing we should never compromise in our relationship?
  22. What’s the craziest experience you have with your friends?
  23. Do you think that we can create a couple goals?
  24. How much will you rate us as a couple out of 10?
  25. How do you balance your work life and personal life?
  26. If we have more than two kids will you oppose?
  27. Did you ever feel love at first sight?
  28. How important is being romantic in a relationship do you think?
  29. What was the first quality you started admiring about me?
  30. What was the first thing you noticed about me?
  31. What is your favourite romantic moment of us?
  32. What will you prefer in between a candlelight dinner in a beach resort or a five course meal in any five star restaurant?
  33. Any romantic song that reminds you about me?
  34. Do you think that we have a telepathy connection?
  35. A word that can define both love and romance?

As you can see these relationship conversation questions are undoubtedly perfect and this will be of great help for sure!