Truth or dare for teens is a very trendy game. There are numbers of truth questions for teens but if you are in  search of some good truth questions for teens then you will get that in this below list! All these good truth or dare questions for teens can make your party more lively. You can try out the mentioned funny dares for teens to make your friends feel embarrassed.

Truth or dare questions for teens list:

  1. With which player would you like to swap your life for a month?
  2. Which is that one place where you will definitely visit once in your life?
    Which characteristics of yours  would you like to change and why?
  3. Share your craziest experience in your school.
  4. What is one thing that you don’t like about your best friend?
  5. What is your weirdest food combinations you believe?
  6. Call your best friend and say that you hate her.
  7. Call your mother and say that you are sick.
  8. Bark like a dog until your next turn comes.
  9. Eat a spoon full of very hot sauce.
  10. Pour chocolate on your pickle and eat it.
  11. Gurgle for 20 seconds.
  12. Shout like an animal.
  13. By any chance if today is the last day of the life what will you do?
  14. What will you choose in between a pizza and a cold coffee?
  15. What will you choose in between plenty of foods and travel throughout the world?
  16. If you get a single chance to visit only a single place where will you visit?
  17. Is there anyone from your childhood friends whom you miss the most?
  18. If you get a magical pencil to write only three wishes and those wishes will be fulfilled only then what will you write?
  19. Narrate your school farewell story.
  20. What is that one thing about yourself that you will never change for anybody in this world?
  21. What is the best and the beautiful memory of your school life?
  22. If you get a chance to meet a celebrity and ask whatever you want then whom will you meet and what will you nask?
  23. What is your favourite movie and tell a dialogue from that movie.
  24. Imitate your favourite hero or heroine.
  25. Text the third person in your whatsapp list and say that you miss him or her.
  26. Have you ever had a horrible dream and if yes then tell us what was that?
  27. Eat an entire chilli in front of us.
  28. Who is the most handsome guy in our school you think?
  29. Why you had to break up with your last girlfriend?
  30. With which celebrity do you want to go on a party with?
  31. What was the most awkward moment you have faced in front of your boyfriend?
  32. Have you ever tried to propose any of our siblings?
  33. Do you like someone’s boyfriend in our class?
  34. If you get married what will be the things you will find in your would be husband?
  35. Tell us the name of your best friend in our group?
  36. Did you ever lie to me about your relationship?
  37. What are the things you believe are needed to be a good friend?
  38. What is the worst memory of your best friend that still haunts you?
  39. If I don’t talk to you for months or suppose weeks, will you miss me?
  40. Do you love any of my dresses?
  41. What would you prefer in between a party with your boyfriend and a day out with your best friend?
  42. Have you ever been into a fake friendship?
  43. If you get a chance to change your bestfriend will you?
  44. Have you ever went to a movie with any of your boyfriends?
  45. Do you live the idea of friends with benefits?
  46. If some day you get a chance to marry your best friend will you?
  47. Do you hate any of the friends in our group?
  48. What will you prefer in between a monsoon party and a chilled night out?
  49. Do you ever have an imaginary best friend?
  50. Do you ever talk to yourself in front of the mirror?
  51. Did you ever cheat in any of our exams?
  52. Do you like any of our class teachers?
  53. In which stream do you want to pursue your career?
  54. Did you ever lie to your parents only to skip the school?
  55. Which is that one place in our school you love the most?
  56. If someday you become a teacher which teacher do you want to class off?
  57. If someday you become a professor which subject you want to teach?
  58. Did you ever get caught while cheating in the class?
  59. Do you want to become skinny or do you love being chubby?
  60. In between short and tall, which girls do you prefer?
  61. Are you interested in the political affairs happening around us?
  62. Do you have any dream job?
  63. If you get a chance to keep a pet then what will be that animal or bird?
  64. Do you have any childhood memory of a rainy day in school?
  65. How many relationships did you have?
  66. Did you have any bad memory of your relationship?
  67. Have you ever fallen in love with your brother’s friends?
  68. Do you like someone from our classroom?
  69. Did you ever have a crush on a person who is elder to you?
  70. What is your wildest imagination in life?
  71. Have you ever thought of cheating your boyfriend?
  72. Have you ever got a guardian call in your school?
  73. How many times have you got punishment in school?
  74. What’s the most craziest and the amazing thing you’ve ever done in the school?
  75. Have you ever bunked your classes to play cricket?
  76. Have you ever given excuses for forgetting your homework copies in school?
  77. What’s the highest marks you have got in your exam?
  78. How many times did you get full marks in your exams?
  79. What will you choose in between fries and movies?
  80. Did you ever pretend to be sick in the class?
  81. Did you love going to school?
  82. What is your favourite tv series?
  83. If you get to fulfil all your wishes for a single day what will be those wishes?
  84. If you get huge money for a single what will you do with that?
  85. If you can be a marvel character what will you want to be?
  86. What will you love to be in between a disney princess or an iron lady?
  87. What if someday you can go to the disneyland?
  88. Have you ever stolen any food from the fridge?
  89. Have you ever done something wrong in public?
  90. What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever did in the life?
  91. Have you ever forgotten to collect the item you bought, from the market?
  92. Have you ever travelled by train without a ticket?
  93. Which was the place you first visited in your life?
  94. Among all the places you visited, which one do you love the most?
  95. Have you ever played with paper boats in the rain?
  96. Do you love bungee jumping?
  97. What is your favourite dressing style?
  98. In between jeans and trousers what do you prefer the most?
  99. What’s your favourite comic web series?
  100. Have you ever gone on an amazing trip with your best friends?

The above mentioned dare questions for teens are some of the best dares for teens. If you collect some good truth or dare for teens then you can make the game truth or dare for teens more funny and loving.