Truth and dare for kids can be a good timepass. Truth or dare for kids is a brilliant game idea as it doesn’t require any outdoor environment always and kids can play with their parents or classmates or even playmates.

If you’re not getting enough questions for your game then you can complete your list from these questions! Some of the best dares for kids are also mentioned here. 

Here are almost 80+ questions which will make your next truth or dare game more funny, silly and kid friendly. You will get two different categories because not all questions can be asked to all people. Hence depending on the quality of bonding or friendship choose the questions and rock the party!

Good truth or dare questions for kids:

There actually lists of dares for kids to do but undoubtedly there are many truth questions for kids too! It’s a very easy going game where parents don’t have the fear of getting their children hurt anyhow. These questions are not very naughty or embarrassing and this will even help you to know your friends better.

  1. Eat a dessert with no hands or spoon.
  2. Eat half teaspoon of salt or hot sauce.
  3. Stand up and act like a monkey.
  4. Walk like a cat and also don’t forget to make funny sounds.
  5. Bark like a dog till your next turn comes.
  6. Do your favourite tom and jerry scene.
  7. Tell your best Mickey mouse scene and act that.
  8. Act like your favourite Disney Princess.
  9. Roar like a lion and laugh like a baby altogether.
  10. Sing a cartoon song and also dance on that.
  11. Dance in your favourite song.
  12. Drink a glass of milk. (For someone who doesn’t at all love milk!)
  13. Drink a bottle of water.
  14. Try touching your nose tip with your tongue.
  15. Draw a moustache on yourself.
  16. Do a girl’s hairstyle. (For boys)
  17. Dress like a boy. (For girls)
  18. Talk in a girl’s voice. (For boys)
  19. Make sounds like horses.
  20. Tweet like a bird and try to fly.
  21. Dance with a broom and act as if you’re Harry Potter.
  22. Act like a robot and also sing a song like that.
  23. Without moving your lips spell your name.
  24. Using your legs comb your hair.
  25. Don’t blink for one minute and if you fail then you have to eat some pinch of pepper powder.
  26. Hug the toy car for 30 seconds.
  27. Do back counting from 20.
  28. Tell all the odd numbers within 1-20.
  29. Walk like a chicken.
  30. Press a balloon until it pops.
  31. Go in front of your parents and do fake cry 
  32. Do ten jumping jacks.
  33. Act like an old person and also use the broom as your stick.
  34. Pretend to sleep for 2 mins without laughing.
  35. Draw a beard on your face with a permanent marker.
  36. Go out of the house and shout.
  37. Tell the alphabets in backward.
  38. Jump in one leg and say hoop.
  39. Dance in one leg.
  40. Cry like a baby.
  41. Sing like an old person.
  42. Show fake anger to your parents now.
  43. Bring a bottle of water for the group.
  44. Bring a full plate of chips for the group.
  45. Make fake fart noises.
  46. Let someone tickle you for 30 sec and you can’t laugh.
  47. Do my homework.
  48. Act like a ghost right now.
  49. Imitate your favourite hero.
  50. Write your name with water on the table.

Funny truth or dare questions for kids:

All these funny dares for kids are quite mind engaging and this kid friendly truth or dare version will be a great idea for your upcoming birthday parties! 

  1. What is the one quality that you hate about your best friend?
  2. Do you believe in fairytales?
  3. Which fairytale character would you love to be?
  4. Have you ever had a bad experience in the exam hall?
  5. Have you ever got punishment for somebody else’s mistake?
  6. Narrate your favourite childhood experience.
  7. Tell us a short story.
  8. Did you ever give flowers to the teachers?
  9. What’s your favourite animated series?
  10. What’s the naughtiest thing you have done?
  11. Do you love ice skating?
  12. What are your hobbies ?
  13. Whom do you trust and respect the most in the family?
  14. Did you ever stay awake at night?
  15. Did you pretend sick to not go to school?
  16. What’s that one thing without which you never go to the school?
  17. Do you help your parents in cleaning the room?
  18. What’s your favourite snack?
  19. Recite a poem.
  20. Do your favourite spiderman step.
  21. Act like a ghost.
  22. Whom do you fear the most?
  23. Whom do you love the most in our group?
  24. Whom do you hate the most in our class?
  25. Have you ever had a very horrible dream?
  26. Do you love jungle safari?
  27. Who’s your favourite author and tell us any of his/her  best works.
  28. Hold an ice cube in your hand or mouth until it melts.
  29. Do a disco step.
  30. Did you ever fart in public?
  31. Did you ever sing in the lift?
  32. Sing any of your favourite singer’s songs. ( At least 2!)
  33. Go outside and loudly say that you are a monkey.
  34. Lie down on the floor and pretend to laugh out loud.
  35. Be a commentator in this game.
  36. Talk like a robot.
  37. Bring snacks for all of us from the kitchen.
  38. Bring out the ice-cream box from the fridge for us.
  39. Go and change your dress now.
  40. Pretend to be a fox.
  41. What’s the horrible thing you have done to your family?
  42. What’s the funniest and the crazy thing that has ever happened to you?
  43. Tell us a memorable story of your birthday.
  44. Prank call your father and say that you want a laptop.
  45. Go and try to bring your brother’s phone.
  46. What’s the most funny thing that you have ever done?
  47. Whom do you idolize in your life?
  48. Have you ever pranked someone?
  49. Sing a song in a cat’s voice.
  50. Imitate any of us!

As you can see here are many interesting dares for kids to do and even some extreme dares for kids. But this truth or dare questions kid friendly is the best game ever!