Truth or dare with friends is undoubtedly a fun loving game. If you are in search of some best dares for friends and truths to ask your friend then your search ends here. To make the game more interesting try out the funny dares for friends, be very wise before selecting dares for your friends.

If you check the list you can find numbers of truth questions for friends and dares to give to friends.

Truth or dare list for friends:

  1. Whom do you love the most among all the girls in our class?
  2. Have you ever liked any married person?
  3. Go and propose any girl from our group?
  4. Go and say I love you to any boy from our group.
  5. Go and bring food for all the players from the canteen.
  6. Walk like a girl and also say all of us individually Hi like a girl.
  7. What is the worst punishment you ever got in your life?
  8. What is the cheapest rumour you have heard about yourself?
  9. Have you ever peed in someone else’s pool.
  10. Have you tried to patch up with any of your ex?
  11. If you get stuck in an elevator with your ex what will you do?
  12. If you get a chance to live a celebrity’s life who will be that celebrity?
  13. Have you ever been to a beach with any of your ex-girlfriends?
  14. Click a weird selfie and post it on instagram stories.
  15. Go on a facebook live and read the first page of the newspaper.
  16. What will you choose in between a trip to goa or a trip to thailand?
  17. What if someday you meet your favourite hollywood celebrity?
  18. What will you be your first reaction if you get selected for an international fashion contest show?
  19. Do you believe in god or not?
  20. What will you choose in between a jungle safari and scuba diving?
  21. Hug your pillow as if it is your lover.
  22. Call a pizza shop and ask them if you can return them the empty box?
  23. Did you ever drink at home secretly?
  24. Give 30 pushups without a single pause and shout my name.
  25. Draw a beard on your face and click a selfie like that and then send it to your boyfriend.
  26. Do a moonwalk with a towel. 
  27. How many bottles of beer can you finish at a single time?
  28. Hug yourself and kiss yourself and say I love you.
  29. Mix a spoon full of hot sauce and a spoon full of ice cream and eat it.
  30. Break a rw on your head.
  31. Narrate us your honeymoon story.
  32. What if some day you get a call from your ex and he says that he misses you.
  33. Did you ever have any wild imagination about your girlfriend?
  34. Go on the street and shout out loud saying I miss you babe.
  35. Did you ever whistle on somebody and get caught?
  36. What if you get stuck on an island with your ex?
  37. Did you ever repent fighting any of your ex?
  38. Do you have any sweet memories of your college life?
  39. Do you ever think of resigning from your current job?
  40. Do a prank call to your girlfriend saying that you want to break up with her for your ex.
  41. What are the qualities you appreciate the most of a human being?
  42. Did you ever lie to your parents about your smoking?
  43. Did you ever lie about your drinking habits to your girlfriend?
  44. Did you ever have a bad fight with your colleague?
  45. If you get a chance to play in any national team what will you play?
  46. Have you ever lied to your boss about your late arrival?
  47. What will you choose in between chilling in a pool and a breakfast in a beautiful garden?
  48. Have you ever broken the traffic rules while driving the car?
  49. Did you ever lie to your wife to party with your friends?
  50. Does your girlfriend hate any of your friends?
  51. Do you miss any of your college friends?
  52. Have you ever lied to your wife about your past relationships?
  53. Order 120 pizzas for us.
  54. If someday you get so much money what will you do with that?
  55. What are your life expectations from your future?
  56. What quality of any human being attracts you the most?
  57. Do you love the concept of live-in  relationship?
  58. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  59. Did you ever have any friends with benefits?
  60. If someday you get lost in a deep jungle what will you do?
  61. Did you regret leaving any of your jobs?
  62. Do you still miss you ex and if yes then why?
  63. Do you share your facebook password with your boyfriend?
  64. Have you ever been jealous about someone’s partner?
  65. What if you wake up one morning and find yourself alone on an island?
  66. What if your ex invites you for her wedding ceremony?
  67. Have you ever hide anything from your parents?
  68. Have you ever stalked any of your friends ex on social media?
  69. Show us the last three photos in your gallery.
  70. Show us the last chat with your boyfriend.
  71. How many boys are there in your whatsapp list?
  72. Have you ever seen any scary dream and if yes what was that?
  73. Do you walk or talk while you’re sleeping?
  74. Have you ever talked in front of a mirror with yourself?
  75. Do you love playing video games?
  76. What if someday you become invisible to everybody?
  77. Have you ever got any funny nicknames?
  78. If a stranger sends you a text on whatsapp will you respond?
  79. If you get a chance to owe any superpowers what will be that?
  80. What is your favourite cuisine?
  81. Show us the last watches section in your youtube.
  82. Draw beards using lipstick.
  83. Do a prank video call to your boyfriend and say or do whatever you want.
  84. Dance like a boy and record it and then send it to the group.
  85. Have you ever made an attempt to impress your crush?
  86. Did you ever watch any movie the second time?
  87. What if someday you become famous?
  88. Have you ever argued with any person in spite of knowing that they areb right?
  89. What’s your biggest fear in your life?
  90. Do you ever feel insecure if your girlfriend?
  91. Do a video of eating a spoon full of pickle and post it on instagram stories.
  92. Do a prank call to a random person and prank him until your next turn comes.
  93. Drink a cup of hot milk.
  94. Where would you love to visit in between desert and beach?
  95. Did you ever try to flirt with your boss?
  96. Have you ever ordered food after watching your previous order in a restaurant?
  97. Do you want to dye your hair?
  98. What do you hate the most about yourself?
  99. What is your favourite thai dish?
  100. Do you like online shopping?

In this list you will get more than 50 dares to ask your friend. So smartly select dares to give your friends and make the moments more cheerful!