Truth or dare with crush can be a very funny game but undoubtedly you have to be very choosy about the dares to give your crush. Like buying flowers for you or taking you to the icecream parlour can help you guys to develop your bond. Hence be very wise about the truth or dare questions for crush.

Truth or dare questions for crush:

All these dares for your crush and truth questions for crush are quite interesting and unique. In this list you will get some of the best dares to ask your crush. You will get some great ideas about truth or dare questions to ask your crush if you check the list thoroughly.

  1. Do you have a boyfriend?
  2. Do you  like someone?
  3. Who is your prince charming?
  4. What quality of a human being attracts you the most?
  5. If you get a chance to party with a celebrity whom would you like to?
  6. Do you like those guys who smoke or drink?
  7. What quality of a guy, you hate the most?
  8. Do you love creative people? (If you’re an artist!)
  9. When are you planning to get married?
  10. Do you love someone?
  11. Did you move on after your break up?
  12. Pretend to be a baby until your next turn comes.
  13. Close your eyes and hug the person you first touch.
  14. What’s your worst party experience?
  15. If you get to choose any one of us for a movie plan whom would you choose?
  16. What’s your horrible nightmare?
  17. Put chocolate sauce on your ketchup and eat it.
  18. What are your dream destinations?
  19. What do you fear the most in your life?
  20. If you can change something in your life, what would be that?
  21. What is that one thing you like about me the most?
  22. What’s that one thing you regret the most in life?
  23. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
  24. What is your dream destination?
  25. What is that one habit you hate the most about yourself?
  26. Have you ever used someone else’s soap and toothbrush?
  27. What is your most crazy and embarrassing funny moments in public?
  28. Have you ever sent the wrong message to someone accidentally?
  29. What is that one thing with which you love to pass your leisure time?
  30. Have you ever had any weirdest food combination in the restaurant and if, what is that?
  31. Do you miss any of your childhood friends?
  32. What is the most expensive and beautiful thing you have ever bought in your life?
  33. Have you ever done something illegal?
  34. Have you ever gone to the jail?
  35. What is your best memory of getting a love proposal?
  36. Do you love the concept of marriage?
  37. What is that one thing or fact you value the most in any relationship?
  38. Draw a moustache on your face with lipstick?
  39. Stand on one feet until your next turn comes.
  40. Have you ever stalked your crush on facebook?
  41. Have you ever skipped bathing?
  42. Have you ever borrowed a dress from your friend to attend a party?
  43. According to you what it meant by a complete and a perfect relationship?
  44. What do you love the most in between a long drive and a cosy evening?
  45. What are your favourite snack items?
  46. Do you have any guilty pleasure?
  47. Text the first person in your whatsapp list saying, “I miss you!”
  48. What would you choose in between sunrise and sunset?
  49. Did you have any crush on one of your teacher?
  50. If you get the magical cloak of Harry Potter what would you like to do?
  51. Are you a possessive person or an open minded one?
  52. Do a Prank call to your crush and say , “look beside you.”
  53. Which animal do you love the most?
  54. Are you a bathroom singer?
  55. Haven you ever posted any weird pictures of yours on instagram?
  56. Do you want to have a tattoo and if yes, what is that?
  57. What is your favourite fragrance?
  58. Do a classical dance on a pop song.
  59. Make an ugly face and click a selfie and send it to the whatsapp group.
  60. What is the most crazy thing you have done in front of your parents?
  61. What do you love the most in between short talks and longer conversations?
  62. Are you happy with your love life?
  63. What is your dream destination?
  64. What do you prefer the most in between the beaches and the hills?
  65. Who is your favourite marvel character?
  66. What do you prefer the most in between marvel and DC?
  67. Describe yourself in just three words.
  68. What do you hate the most in me?
  69. What was the last place you loved visiting?
  70. What was the most disgusting thing you were forced to do?
  71. What is the most colourful dream you ever had in your life?
  72. Have you ever imagined about any celebrity?
  73. Have you ever tried to copy any celebrity?
  74. If you meet your favourite celebrity in real life what will you do first?
  75. Do you have any cute memories of your past relationship?
  76. Have you ever been into a relationship which lasted only for few days?
  77. Check your third screenshot on your phone and post it on your whatsapp status.
  78. Is there any secret that you want to share with me?
  79. Did you ever shared your facebook password with your girlfriend?
  80. Squeeze lemon juice on a caramel bar and eat it.
  81. Wax your armpit. (sorry boys, bad idea indeed!)
  82. What’s your favourite movie and why?
  83. Do you love to follow the fashion trends?
  84. Is there any current fashion trend that you hate the most?
  85. What according to you is the perfect vacation idea?
  86. What birthday gifts can make you fall for the person immediately?
  87. Have you ever gotten any memorable birthday surprises?
  88. Try to imitate me.
  89. Take all of us to an icecream parlour and buy us our favourite flavours.
  90. Call the nearest burger store and order 120 burgers for us.
  91. Guess my favourite flowers and buy those for me.
  92. What is that one thing you hate the most about love?
  93. Did you ever lie to your parents about your relationship?
  94. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done to your boyfriend?
  95. If you get a time machine, which time would you love to travel?
  96. Have you ever in love with any of your seniors in your college?
  97. Have you gone on a mountain trek?
  98. Narrate us your breakup scene.
  99. Hold an ice cube on your hand and shout my name for ten seconds.
  100. If you become a bird, which place would you love to travel?

Crush truth or dare questions is like an icebreaker game that helps you to know about the likes and dislikes of your crush. You will get numbers of truth or dare questions for your crush.