Truth or dare questions for boys can be a super cool game idea. And if you  want you can make it more funny only by adding the drinking rules.  You can play it both online and offline and can enjoy with your boys group. If you people are planning for a bachelors party then also this game can be a super idea to boost up the party. So just dont worry about the questions, check out the list and start! The rules for drinking games are also very simple so you don’t have to face any trouble while playing the game. 

Truth questions to ask a guy:

You don’t have to be very selective about truth questions for boys.and if you’re in doubt about the questions then in this collection you will get many truth questions for guys.

  1. If you become invisible what will you do?
  2. Whom do you hate the most in our group?
  3. If you get a chance to propose your brother’s girlfriend what will you do?
  4. What’s your concept about a perfect partner?
  5. Which body part do you liken the most?
  6. Which Hollywood celebrity do you like the most?
  7. What’s your favourite marvel character?
  8. Marble orDC?
  9. What’s your favourite adventure movie?
  10. Have you ever lied about your ex  to your partner?
  11. Have you ever cheated your partner?
  12. Have you ever watched any animated series?
  13. What’s your favourite series?
  14. What if you meet your favourite celebrity crush?
  15. What if someday your parents start disliking your girlfriend?
  16. Have you ever regretted loving someone?
  17. Have you ever regretted fighting with someone?
  18. What’s your wildest imagination?
  19. Whom do you l9ove the most in your family?
  20. Whom do you hate the most among your relatives?
  21. Have you ever regretted rejecting any proposal?
  22. Have you ever hidden anything from your girlfriend?
  23. Have you ever taken someone for a movie plan?
  24. Do you regret leaving someone?
  25. What will you do in case if you found that your partner cheating you?
  26. Boxers or trousers?
  27. What’s your favourite icecream flavour?
  28. Have you ever lied to your friend about a relationship?
  29. Have you ever lied about your friends to your parents?
  30. What’s your favourite novel?
  31. What’s your view on live-in relationships?
  32. Do you like arranged marriage concept?
  33. Did you have any friends with benefits?
  34. Do you like night out parties?
  35. Football or cricket?
  36. Have you ever made an attempt to love a senior girl?
  37. Have you ever done anything crazy on a party?
  38. What’s the funniest and craziest thing you’ve done in public?
  39. Do you like to keep a pet?
  40. Do you miss any of your ex?
  41. Have you ever lied to your parents about your ex relationship?
  42. What’s your dream destination?
  43. What will you choose in between a world tour and endless food dishes?
  44. What’s your craziest experience with your parents?
  45. Have you ever hide anything about your parents to your partner?
  46. Do you love bungee jumping?
  47. Have you ever had a night out with your partner?
  48. Did you fight with your ex?
  49. Did you lie about your experiences with your ex to your partner?
  50. Will you ever think of cheating on your partner?
  51. Do you still keep contacts with your ex?
  52. Do you still hate your partner’s ex?
  53. Have you ever cheated on your diet?
  54. Have you ever skipped your meal?
  55. What’s that one thing you like the most about your partner?
  56. What’s that one thing you hate the most about yourself?
  57. What’s that one thing of your ex, you still admire about?
  58. Did you ever have an account on tinder?
  59. Have you ever made a friendship with a person who is very younger to you?
  60. What’s your favourite timepass?

Dare questions for boys:

Dares for guys is the coolest idea ever to make fun of them. In this list you will egt many dare questions for guys. If you are willing to play the game online then also you will get many dares to ask a guy over text in this list.

  1. Call your partner and say you still miss your ex.
  2. Text your ex to come back.
  3. Drink a bottle of hot milk.
  4. Call a snacks store and order food for us.
  5. Buy movie tickets for us.
  6. Create a whatsapp group with your partner and ex.
  7. Touch your nose with your lips.
  8. Do ten pushups.
  9. Send a random text to some random person.
  10. Kiss the guy sitting next beside you.
  11. Hug the girl sitting next to you.
  12. Let someone put eyeliner on you.
  13. Drink a glass of whiskey.
  14. Ask the person next to you to slap you.
  15. Shave your legs.
  16. Wax your armpit.
  17. Hug the pillow as if it’s your crush.
  18. Go and buy cold drinks for all of us.
  19. Open an account on tinder.
  20. Open a fake account on facebook.
  21. Post something weird in your whatsapp status.
  22. Call your girlfriend and talk rubbish to her.
  23. Remove your shirt and go outside.
  24. Break an egg on your head.
  25. Shout like a baby.
  26. Cry like a girl.
  27. Dance on a romantic song with a broom.
  28. Wrap yourself with a wet towel.
  29. Go outsiders and whistle everyone you see.
  30. Talk something continuously until your next turn comes.
  31. Post something stupid and crazy thing about yourself on Facebook.
  32. Upload an ugly photo of your girlfriend on instagram.
  33. Call your brother and ask him to buy food for your girlfriend.
  34. Call your dad and prank him.
  35. Do jumping jacks for seven times.
  36. Call on a wrong number and say whatever you want.
  37. Lie down on the floor and dance.
  38. Eat some dog’s food.
  39. Speak in some foreign accent until your next turn comes.
  40. Go outside and dance like a girl.

All these dares for guys over text are very funny and interesting. If you want your gang to take fun of eachother then try out these dares for boys.

As you can see that all these truth or dare questions to ask a guy are very unique and amazing to cheer up the conversation. So just arrange the glasses of shots and get ready for the game!