In this list you will get many good questions to ask a guy you like and also many fun questions to ask a guy you like. You can even play the game questions to ask a guy over text to see if he likes you. And even if you want to check the guy can match your intellectual level then also these are the perfect questions!

In this list you will get many good questions to ask a boy you like. As all these questions for a guy you like are damn unique and interesting. These deep  and good questions to ask a guy you like will help you to understand whether the guy you like is a perfect match for you or not. Through the help of these good questions to ask a guy u like you can even get a hint of whether the guy also likes you back or not. The below list also have the questions to ask a guy to see if he likes you:

Questions to ask a guy you like:

  1. Do you love babies?
  2. When do you want to get married?
  3. Have you ever cheated a girl in a relationship?
  4. Do you love the concept of a candlelight dinner ?
  5. What type of birthday surprises do you love?
  6. What’s your favourite romantic movie?
  7. What’s your favourite romantic pop music?
  8. What’s your perfect party night idea?
  9. Are you still in contact with your ex?
  10. Do you still miss your ex?
  11. What’s your idea about a perfect partner?
  12. What do you prefer in between short talks and long conversation?
  13. Mocktail or cocktail?
  14. Have you ever felt heart broken?
  15. What do you think are your hidden talents?
  16. What were those three things that describe your personality the best?
  17. What’s your favourite dress code?
  18. What’s your favourite dish?
  19. Video games  or outdoor games?
  20. What’s your favourite time pass?
  21. What’s your favourite  fragrance?
  22. Do you believe in aliens?
  23. What turns you on instantly?
  24. Love or flirt?
  25. What is your concept about love at first sight?
  26. What was your first impression about me?
  27. Do you believe in Ghosts?
  28. Do you love watching horror movies?
  29. What’s your idea about the perfect vacation?
  30. Have you ever kissed any girl on her hand?
  31. What will you do if you find your partner cheating on you for some other guy?
  32. Do you love cuddling?
  33. Will you mind loving someone older to you?
  34. Have you ever proposed with your sister’s friend ?
  35. Describe me in a single word ?
  36. Have you ever got a funny nickname?
  37. What is your favourite memory of your college life?
  38. What’s your personal opinion about arranged marriage?
  39. Do you love my company?
  40. Which dress of mine do you like the most?
  41. If I get scared, what would you do?
  42. Do you like me in short hairs?
  43. What do you generally do when you’re alone at home?
  44. Do you have any dark secrets that you would love to share with me?
  45. Do you love to eat the food I cook?
  46. Describe your family in a single word.
  47. Have you ever been in a serious relationship?
  48. What do you think makes a relationship most toxic?
  49. Have you ever lied about your smoking habits to me?
  50. Is there something that you want to tell me?
  51. Tell me about your family ?
  52. How much do you love to attend family gatherings and different sorts of cultural participations?
  53. If you could fix one of your problems what would be that?
  54. If suddenly I go to some different state or country will you miss me?
  55. What’s your concept about life for the moment?
  56. How do you deal with the negativities around you?
  57. Do you love to store old stuff?
  58. What’s your favourite honeymoon destination?
  59. What’s that something bothers you the most?
  60. Name three persons you love the most.
  61. Have you ever regretted doing something?
  62. Have you ever lied about your drinking habits to your parents?
  63. What’s your favourite adventure movie?
  64. Which was the last series you enjoyed the most?
  65. Do you love watching animated series?
  66. What’s the worst rumour you have heard about yourself?
  67. Did you have a bad fight with you ex?
  68. What was the reason for your last breakup?
  69. What’s your view on love at first sight?
  70. Have you ever gone to a jungle safari?
  71. What will you do if your ex invites you for her wedding?
  72. Have you ever lied about your night out parties to me?
  73. Have you ever lied about your friends to me?
  74. Have you ever been jealous of my male friends?
  75. What’s your favourite in between hills and the beaches?
  76. Do you want to have a tattoo ever in your life?
  77. Do you love mexican food?
  78. When are you planning to get married?
  79. Do you like someone?
  80. Do you have a crush on someone?
  81. Do you have a girlfriend?
  82. What’s your worst traveling experience?
  83. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  84. What do you fear the most in life?
  85. What’s your best memory of your last relationship?
  86. Will you go on a movie plan with me?
  87. Will you mind going to a cafe with me tonight?
  88. Have you ever skipped bathing?
  89. Do you dance in the showeer?
  90. What do you like to watch the most in between sunrise and sunset?
  91. What was the worst thing you’ve done to your parents?
  92. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of your family?
  93. What’s the most romantic dream you ever had?
  94. Do you love to spend time on social media?
  95. Would you love to hug me?
  96. If you get a chance to spend a whole day with me what will you do?
  97. Is there anything about your past relationship that you want to tell me?
  98. Have you tried any weird food combination in the restaurant?
  99. Do you love to cook for your partner?
  100. Are you a chai person or a coffee lover?

All these questions to ask a guy you like over text is also a brilliant idea if you are not sure about his feelings and the best thing is these such questions guys like to be asked. So just check out all these questions to ask a boy u like and go for it.