Funny truth or dare questions is an interesting way to discover someone’s is considered as the most classic party game. The rules are not much complicated and that makes the game more interesting, because you don’t need much equipment or anything. Just sit together and start.

Funny truth questions:

In this list you will get many exciting funny truths to ask your friends.

  1. Have you ever faced any embarrassing situation in any of your parties?
  2. What’s the funniest lie you have ever told?
  3. Have you ever faced any fatal accident in your life?
  4. Is there someone in your life whom you pretend to like but actually you hate the most?
  5. Did you ever get any weird nickname?
  6. Have you ever witnessed any dangerous accident?
  7. Have you ever felt happy about any of your hardest decisions later on?
  8. What’s the craziest and the funniest experience of your life?
  9. What will be your last three wishes in life?
  10. If you get to live any of your friends’ lives, who will be that person?
  11. What’s the cruelest thing you have done in life?
  12. Are you a good listener?
  13. If you get a chance to do whatever you want what will you do then
  14. What’s the meanest thing you have done to your friends?
  15. What’s the weirdest thing you have done in the public?
  16. Is there anything about your friends that you hide from your partner?
  17. Is there someone in your life that you’re jealous of?
  18. What’s your costliest dress code?
  19. What excuses do you generally give to get out of a party?
  20. Have you ever made a friendship with someone senior to you?
  21. Do you love taking selfies?
  22. What’s that one thing that you just can’t sacrifice for any relationship?
  23. If you start weathering a particular dress then for how many days do you wear that without washing?
  24. If you get a chance to go on a movie with your favourite school teacher what will you do?
  25. What things do you do when you get nervous?
  26. Do you believe in god?
  27. Is there any weird series that you enjoyed watching?
  28. How much do you love to groom yourself?
  29. Did you ever apologize to someone for your mistakes?
  30. Do you love listening to Justin bieber songs?
  31. Have you ever tried and waxed your armpit?
  32. Will you ever tried cheating on your partner?
  33. What would you do if you found that your partner is cheating on you?
  34. Jeans or trousers?
  35. Have you ever said the person after peeing on his/her pool?
  36. What’s the weirdest place you have taken to your girlfriend?
  37. If you get a chance to counter someone who will be that person?
  38. What’s the cheapest gift you have presented someone?
  39. Facebook or whatsapp?
  40. Train or flight ?
  41. Have you ever worn something stupid in public?
  42. Do you love reading blogs ?
  43. Have you ever made a friendship with someone junior to you?
  44. Have you ever shouted loudly in public?
  45. Have you ever lied to anyone about your education?
  46. Which app you just can’t delete from your mobile at any cost?
  47. Do you have any guilty pleasure?
  48. Have you ever had a longest conversation with someone?
  49. Have you ever had a fake facebook account?
  50. Have you ever tried cheating in any of the exam?
  51. What’s your favourite and delicious food combination?
  52. Do you ever face the fear of losing?
  53. Whom do you hate the most among all of us?
  54. Have you ever feared pregnancy?
  55. What’s the funniest thing you have texted to someone?
  56. Have you ever caught lying to someone?
  57. Name one celebrity that you hate the most?
  58. Have you ever said any excuse to your boss about your leave?
  59. Have you ever lied to your boss about your outing?
  60. Do you fear ghosts?

Funny dare questions:

Funny dares are very funky ways to make your friend embarrassed. You can try out these funny dares for truth or dare game with not only friends but anybody. Nowadays funny dares over text are also becoming very popular as we can’t always meet people in person but can surely stay connected through these games. But definitely be very selective about funny dares to do over text because remember you have to check whether the player is doing that or not.

  1. Go outside and dance like a boy.
  2. Do a catwalk.
  3. Mix a spoon full of hot sauce and pickle and then eat it.
  4. Keep a cube of ice on your hand until it melts.
  5. Go outside and shout out loud Hi to everyone.
  6. Call your crush and say that you hate her.
  7. Go in front of the  mirror and smile until your next turn comes.
  8. Mix a spoon full of soy sauce and mustard and then eat it.
  9. Call your best friend and say you miss her.
  10. Call your mother and say that you want to marry your girlfriend tomorrow.
  11. Bark like a dog.
  12. Shout like a cat.
  13. Dance like a joker.
  14. Text the second person in your chat list.
  15. Eat a spoonful of pepper powder.
  16. Eat a dessert without using your hands.
  17. Act like a monkey.
  18. Imitate the person who is sitting next to you..
  19. Pretend to swim.
  20. Talk with your mouth closed.
  21. Hug a pillow and say, I love you.
  22. Take a bad selfie and post it on your whatsapp story.
  23. Sing a pop song.
  24. Dress like a boy.
  25. Kiss the person who is sitting beside you.
  26. Draw fake moustache.
  27. Call your brother and ask for some money.
  28. Call your dad and say that you want to drop your studies.
  29. Call a stranger and ask how’s the day going?
  30. Have you ever lied in this game?
  31. Call your crush and say that you want to meet ehr.
  32. Sing a folk song.
  33. Drink a glass of over salted water.
  34. Instead of reciting a poem, just sing it.
  35. Show us your search list on facebook.
  36. Shown us whom you followed on instagram.
  37. Show us your browsing history.
  38. Call a burger shop and order food for all of us.
  39. Go And water all my plants.
  40. Cry like a baby.

Funny truth or dare questions  are a hilarious way to boost up your gathering or party and even the funny truth or dare questions over text is also an amazing way to spice up the gossip and conversations.