What can be more interesting than the game funny question to ask a guy you like. And if you people can’t sit face to face to play the game then also you can play funny questions to ask a guy over text.

Here you will get a great collection of unique funny questions to ask a boy. The questions are designed in such a way that once the conversation gets started you can go on smoothly onwards but be careful about the funny question to ask a boy, as everybody doesn’t owe the same personality and hence you need to be wise enough to pick the right question for the right guy. 

Funny questions to ask a guy:

  1. What’s the best way to start a long conversation?
  2. If you can choose a character from any movie who will be that?
  3. Have you ever been into a fake relationship?
  4. What’s your favourite motivational life quote and why?
  5. If you get a chance to be a part of a specific movie what  will be that?
  6. Have you ever visited any beach with your friends?
  7. Describe yourself in a single word.
  8. What activities make you feel the most energetic?
  9. If someday you get   a chance to fulfill your 3 dreams what will be that?
  10. When a problem arises with what mine setup do you deal with?
  11. what is that one behaviour you hate the most?
  12. What’s the most embarrassing moment you have ever faced in public?
  13. What is that one thing which always makes you happy?
  14. What is that one human nature that makes you angry?
  15. If you get a chance to change yourself will you and why?
  16. Do you still miss your childhood?
  17. what are those things that make you sad?
  18. What do you consider is one of the biggest achievement of yours?
  19. When was the last time you had a wonderful conversation with an unknown person?
  20. When was the last time you cried badly for somebody?
  21. What’s something that you are glad to have in your life?
  22. Which subject you hated the most in school days?
  23. What’s your biggest fascination in life?
  24. Did you have any favourite toy car in childhood?
  25. What is that one thing you are ashamed of in your life?
  26. Did you ever cheat on your exams?
  27. Is there anything that you still want to explore in your life?
  28. What according to you is a perfect relationship?
  29. What is that one thing you believe you learnt late in your life?
  30. How often do you feel down ?
  31. If someday you have to choose between money and relationship what will you choose?
  32. What was the most toxic experience in your life?
  33. Who is the last person that you talked to last night?
  34. If you get a chance to change any one of your habits what will be that?
  35. What annoys you the most?
  36. Have you ever cried in front of your girlfriend to make her laugh?
  37. Have you ever learnt anything from your  past relationships?
  38. Are you a very hygienic conscious person?
  39. What is that one thing you should do that you have never done?
  40. Have you ever faced any stupid situation in your life?
  41. What is that one woman nature that makes you go mad?
  42. Did you have any friends with benefits relationships earlier?
  43. What is that one best quality that makes you unique?
  44. What is that one body language that makes you more noticeable you believe?
  45. If you had to leave everything forever to go to dream your dream island what will you do?
  46. Which hairstyle fits your personality the most?
  47. What is the most  stress relieving thing you have ever done?
  48. Have you ever gone to an amazing water park?
  49. What are those names that make you the  happiest?
  50. What is the funniest and craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  51. Have you ever experienced something weird in public?
  52. If you get a chance to change any of the socially accepted norms what will be that?
  53. Do you remember by any chance, where we met for the first time?
  54. Which is that one thing about me that makes you  like me more?
  55. What do you think makes our relationship stronger?
  56. Do you ever listen to a Justin Bieber song?
  57. If you can add one rule in our group that everyone should follow what would be that rule?
  58. What’s the worst experience you have ever faced in your life?
  59. Have you ever accidentally sent the wrong message to someone?
  60. Is there anything that you couldn’t pursue because of your studies?
  61. What are some of your favourite books from different genres?
  62. What according to you makes a man perfect?
  63. If someday you accidentally meet your ex what will you do?
  64. What are those social media things that seem more annoying to you?
  65. Have you ever created a scene in public?
  66. Which fictional character is the one that you hate the most?
  67. What is that something that happens most of the time but you don’t like?
  68. Have you ever seen yourself and talk in front of a mirror?
  69. Is there any movie that describes your life the best?
  70. How do you deal with such people whom you don’t like at all?
  71. What’s the most horrible situation you have ever met in your life?
  72. If you get a chance to tease a person who will be that?
  73. If you get a chance to love a person among us who will be that?
  74. If you were a burger filler  what would you choose to be?
  75. What’s the worst food combination you have ever tasted?
  76. Where would you love to see yourself after 5 years?
  77. If you come to know that were to die tomorrow what would you do?
  78. If you get a chance to be a Marvel character what will you choose?
  79. Have you ever tried any cheapest pickup line?
  80. Have you ever cried infront of someone who is younger to you?
  81. Have you ever created a mess in a tour with friends?
  82. What’s your definition of a perfect and a complete relationship?
  83. What’s your favourite dance move?
  84. If you get a chance to be an object what would you choose to be?
  85. What’s the first thing you look for after getting back to home?
  86. What’s the first thing you do after getting up from the bed in the morning?
  87. What’s the most stupid dress combination you have ever worn?
  88. Is there something that seems very stupid to you?
  89. Have you ever regretted leaving any job?
  90. Is there anything that you had to refuse but you wanted that badly?
  91. If you get a chance to be a villain in a movie what will you do?
  92. What’s the dumbest thing you have done in a relationship?
  93. Have you ever gone in public being naked?
  94. One song that describes your personality the best.
  95. When was the last time that you took shots?
  96. What are those small things that make you happy instantly?
  97. If you get to live any animal’s life for a single day who would you choose?
  98. So is there any childish thing that you still miss?
  99. Do you enjoy family gatherings?
  100. What’s the most amazing place for a honeymoon you believe?

All these funny random questions to ask a guy are undoubtedly very different from the common ones and the best thing about these funny weird questions to ask a guy is that you can even get into a serious conversation through these funny things to ask a guy.