Amazing facts about cats:

Cats are one of the most amazing and loveable creatures because of their overloaded cuteness and craziness. So, if you are a cat lover this list of weird cat facts will give you enough fun as all the things mentioned here are quite fun facts about cats. There are so many interesting facts about cats. We actually know very little of them so getting to know more about these cute animals is really a great thing.

  1. There are such cats who can swim.
  2. Most of the female cats are right pawed.
  3. The long tails of the cats help them to jump or walk through narrow spaces.
  4. Cats can’t taste sweetness.
  5. In comparison to other same headed mammals cats have the largest eyes.
  6. cats don’t make too much noise.
  7. Cats are able to the fast movement of their prey.
  8. Some cats have more than 18 toes.
  9. Cats will not consume any unacceptable food at any cost.
  10. Even when cats are like kittens they can be pregnant.
  11. If cats remain active in the day time only then they can sleep well at night.
  12. Cats feel afraid if they get eye contacted with somebody.
  13. If you see a cat having a question marked tail, it means that it asks if you want to play.
  14. If you see a cat attacking with retracted claws it means that it’s playing.
  15. If you see a cat sleeping on any of your things it means that your things smell like its owners.
  16. Cats can even groom the other cats.
  17. Cats don’t like citrus fragrances.
  18. If you don’t get your cat, check your box or buckets! They love such places.
  19. The body of a cat is very flexible.
  20. Cats have got a very strong smelling power.
  21. Play fighting teaches the kittens about how to hunt.
  22. The walking style of a cat is like the combination of the giraffes and camels.
  23. Ears of the cats are so flexible that they can rotate up to 180 degrees.
  24. A cat is unable to see what’s beneath its nose.
  25. Cats generally don’t have any eyelashes

Amazing facts about fish:

In our world we have countless species of fishes and we hardly know in depth about them but if at least we get to know a few little interesting facts about fish then that’s really a good thing because all these fun facts about fish we have mentioned here are actually very unique.

  1. American lobsters can live longer than dogs or cats.
  2. There are almost more than 25000 taste buds in a catfish.
  3. Fishes can also get sunburns.
  4. Antarctic ice fish can survive even in the coldest weather.
  5. Parrotfishes are capable of protecting themselves by creating a mucus.
  6. Croaker is considered as the largest fish.
  7. The size of the fish’s brain is quite small.
  8. Lateral line helps a fish in navigation.
  9. After 1853 people understood the technologies and realised that they can keep fishes as pets.
  10. The gills of the fish helps in extracting the oxygen from water around them..
  11. Cleaner fishes help other fishes to get clean.
  12. Jellyfish is not a fish!
  13. There’s nothing called mermaids; they are only the creatures of this fantasy world.
  14. Lungfish can survive even without water for many years.
  15. Fishes like sharks have the capability to raise their body temperature.
  16. Did you know that Starfishes are not fish!
  17. There are some fishes who can even catch their prey by shooting their mouths like springs.
  18. It’s only the sharks who have eyelids.
  19. The meat of the sharks are very salty.
  20. When a fish grows its scale does not change into a new one rather they increase proportionately.
  21. Have you ever seen fish drowning in water? Yes, they can! If they don’t get the required amount of oxygen they will drown.
  22. Piranha fishes can even eat large animals.
  23. Seahorses are the only species where male reproduce.
  24. Puffer fishes can draw various designs underneath water.
  25. Mouthbrooding fishes are just amazing. They hid their babies inside their mouth to save them from the predators.

Amazing facts about penguins:

Penguins are the most cute looking creatures of this world and they are mostly loved because of their non fighting nature and cute look. Here we have tried to discuss some of the greatest fun facts about penguins and also have shared many interesting facts about penguins that you haven’t earlier heard!

  1. Penguins are very peace loving birds.
  2. The flippers help the penguins to swim.
  3. Penguins can’t fly.
  4. Penguins don’t live in the north pole part.
  5. Penguins love to eat fish.
  6. The tallest species of penguins are the emperor penguins.
  7. It’s the little blue penguin that is considered as the smallest.
  8. Gentoo penguins are so fast that they can swim around 22kmph.
  9. Female penguins go for hunting.
  10. Penguins can mate with the same member multiple times.
  11. Penguins are good at swimming.
  12. Male penguins generally take care of the kids.
  13. Some penguins create nests to give shelter to their eggs.
  14. Penguins parents take care of their kids until they grow strong enough to catch their own prey.
  15. You can’t see the ears of the penguins but for that never doubt their hearing skills!
  16. Penguins generally don’t have any such land predators.
  17. There are approximately 17-20 species of penguins alive today!
  18. Penguins are not today’s birds because the fossils that have been found of them are 61.6million years old!
  19. Penguins don’t have any teeth rather they have some spine like structure inside their mouth that helps them in eating.
  20. Penguins live their life based on seafood mostly, like sea crabs, fishes or squids etc.
  21. The supraorbital gland helps the penguin to get rid of the excess salty water.
  22. Feathers are very necessary for penguins as it helps them to keep their body warm.
  23. Climate change affects sometimes very negatively, the population of the penguins. 
  24. Most of the penguins belong from the southern areas.
  25. Most of the penguins that are surviving in this world are macaroni penguins. 

Amazing facts about snakes:

Often we think that snakes are dangerous but many fun facts about snakes are also there that we were unaware of. So let’s take a look on these 20+ interesting facts about snakes.

  1. Did you know that snakes don’t have eyelids?
  2. Snakes can even eat bigger sized prey too.
  3. Snakes generally eat simply by swallowing the entire prey.
  4. The whole body of the snake is covered with scale.
  5. You cant see the ears of the snakes but they do have indeed.
  6. The skin of the snake is soft and dry.
  7. There are some snakes who live under water and take the help of their skin for partial breathing.
  8. Pythons kill their prey by making them feel suffocating.
  9. Did you know that anacondas are not venomous?
  10. Tongues of the snake help them in smelling.
  11. In this world there are more than 2500 species of snakes alive.
  12. Snakes are known as cold blooded as they can change their body temperature according to climate change.
  13. Have you heard the name of king cobra? They can survive longer without even food!
  14. Snakes don’t eat too much because their metabolism rate is very slow.
  15. The venom of the snake helps save and hunt prey.
  16. Brahminy blind snakes are the smallest snakes of this world,
  17. The fastest snakes of this world are capable of running at a speed of 12 kmph.
  18. Bright snakes are mostly dangerous as they are venomous.
  19. Zoo suits the snakes more than wild places for survival.
  20. The metabolism rate of the snakes are so slow that they never eat before they feel hunger.
  21. As the scales of the snakes help them to stay away from the dirt hence they don’t often bath.
  22. Snakes are kind of helpful for the farmers as they eat insects, rats and many other such creatures that can cause harm to the crops and fields.
  23. The venom of the snakes are very helpful for medical sciences.
  24. In spite of having eyes, snakes cant see!
  25. As snakes don’t have noses,the tongue plays the role of the nose for them.

These amazing facts about cats, fish, penguins and snakes are actually an interesting thing to learn and once you start learning these amazing unknown facts about different creatures you will start loving them!