Amazing facts about human body:

In this world of so much population there are so many interesting facts that we don’t have any idea of. We as a human being don’t even know the maximum interesting facts about human body! So here we came up with an amazing idea this time, that why not discuss some of the weird facts about human body! Hence we created a list of more than 50 fun facts about human body. These fun facts about humans will simply make you laugh out loud. Some of the weird facts body are so astonishing that you may have to read it twice! Here you will get to know many fun facts about the nervous system, brains, lungs and other body parts.

  1. 70 Sqm is the surface area of adult lungs.
  2. Do you know that your right and left lungs are different because the right one has two lobes while the left has three.
  3.  If you want to make soap out of human fat you can create seven to eight bars of it.
  4. After three months of conceiving babies start to develop fingerprints.
  5. In the journey between birth and death we lose around 94 bones.
  6. Even if you take the heart out of the body it will beat.
  7. Humans can’t sneeze with eyes open.
  8. Why only finger prints try out the tongue prints too cause they are equally unique.
  9. Do you know the strength of a single hair? It can even hold any hanging apple.
  10. What will be your reaction if you get to know that the number of bacterias in you mouth can beat the number of population in the entire world?
  11. If your nails are too soft and brittle, then it can be the sign of overactive thyroid.
  12. There are around 29 blood types.
  13. You are shorter before sleeping at night.
  14. Your average heart beat time is 1 million times regularly.
  15. Kidneys have the maximum blood flow rate.
  16. Male also have such glands that can secrete milk but the secretion indicates abnormality.
  17. Every person in this world has very unique mites.
  18. PMS for women only? No! But around 26-27 % men also experience this.
  19. The total length of the human arteries and veins is the diameter of earth.
  20. Everyday we experience huge skin cell losses.
  21. We have 2000-4000 taste buds in our tongue.
  22. We have around hundred pain sensors in a square centimeter of skin.
  23. It takes 28 days to replace our dead skins.
  24. Wisdom teeth don’t have any wisdom!
  25. The muscles help in the movement of our eyes.
  26. You feel thirsty only when the water loss amount is 1% of body weight.
  27. The speed of a sneeze can be 100-110 miles per hour.
  28. Men’s heart beats are slower in comparison to womens.
  29. Retinal cone cells help in colour determination.
  30. Initially the world has only females!
  31. A woman’s face doesn’t reflect too much youthful appearance!
  32. The  amount of current the brain generates can help in making a 25 watts bulb!
  33. Our brains are active even when we are sleeping.
  34. The speed of brain impulse is around 274-400 kmph.
  35. We can have memories upto 4 TB in our brain.
  36. Our teeths ar as strong as sharks teeths re.
  37. Stomach acids are so hot that can even create a hole in our skin .
  38. Bloods total travel 19400kms only to circulate it throughout the entire body.
  39. The time we sneeze your heart stops pumping blood.
  40. The skull is made up of 29 different bones.
  41. Muscles help in moving body parts.
  42. Brain is like a computer that controls our body.
  43. Lungs help us to take the good air in our body.
  44. The hardest part of our body is the outer part of our teeth, that is called crown.
  45. The tongues had very strong muscles.
  46. The stomach works like a grinding machine.
  47. The human ears and nose grow throughout our life.
  48. We lose 40- 100 hair strands per day.
  49. You can’t tickle yourself.
  50. Our nose is capable of smelling more than 50 different smells.
  51. Uterus is like super elastic!
  52. You cannot exactly measure the day of your conceiving.
  53. The cells of the heart and eyes never change.
  54. If brushed too hard you can make your teeth sensitive.
  55. Wisdom teeth are actually of no purpose.
  56. Yawn has no specific scientific reasons.
  57. After death your fingernails stop growing.
  58. The only animal that has a chin is a human!
  59. While breathing one nostril initially play the role and after some time the other nostril starts playing the role.
  60. 8% of your total body weight is consumed by blood,
  61. Only one kidney is enough to live.
  62. Belly buttons have some special hairs that help to catch lints.
  63. The sounds of knuckles come from the bursting of nitrogen gas bubbles.
  64. It is the skin that’s the largest organ of our body.
  65. The pulse thumbs contain is different.
  66. More than 99 % percent of human beings in this world are identical.
  67. Try to the foot as it is the most ticklish part of our body.
  68. The process that helps in removing half of our brains amygdala is selective amygdalohippocampectomy.
  69. Pineal gland is named in such a way because of its shape.
  70. Bone marrows grows very fast in a human body.
  71. There’s no significance of fingerprints apart from removing waters away from our hands.
  72. Rush of adrenaline creates blush.
  73. Cornea of the eye doesn’t require blood supply.
  74. Upto seven months babies are capable of breathing and eating at the same time.
  75. Average human body contains a high amount of sulphur.
  76. Right handed humans live longer than the left handed humans.
  77. Two third of population has the tendency to tilt their in right while kissing 
  78. Maximum people forget almost 93% of their dreams.
  79. In spring human respiration rate is higher.
  80. Head helps in reducing body heat.
  81. Rush of adrenaline also causes a redness in the stomach while blushing.
  82. Only Humans can sleep on their backs.
  83. Four year old child asks an average of 400 questions per day! 
  84. Teeth cannot heal themselves.
  85. Seven to ten minutes are needed for a person to fall asleep.
  86. Very few people in this world are left handed.
  87. The fragrance of some fruits like banana or apple helps in human body weight loss.
  88. Without oxygen you can survive for three minutes.
  89. During the spring children grow faster.
  90. Only 1% of the population can see the infra-red light.
  91. There are 17 muscles that help in smiling.
  92. You cannot survive more than three weeks without food.
  93. Without water you can spend only three days.
  94. Research says that only one person out of two lakhs survives more than 100 years.
  95. Only 1% of people in this world can see the ultraviolet light.
  96. If you get stuck in a room without any door or windows open you will die not because of the lack of oxygen but because of carbon dioxide poisoning.
  97. Eyes never grow after our birth.
  98. Mondays are risk days for heart diseased people! Because heart attack risks are higher on this day.
  99. Dimple in the chin is hereditary.
  100. Bones can defeat the strength of steel even!

As you can see all these interesting body facts are very unique and thought provoking indeed. We didn’t even have enough idea about the systems that are running inside our body. But now you can definitely play a quiz even with your friends about these interesting facts about humans.