Amazing facts about animals:

There are thousands of things that happen in this world and we don’t always have the idea about these facts but among these there remains many interesting facts indeed. Like there are many animals who do many funny activities but may be we are not aware of all the fun facts about animals. You will find many weird facts about animals too among all these. But here we have come up with an awesome idea and you will get to know many interesting facts about animals. Because we have created a list of almost 80+ amazing facts about english in english!

Some amazing facts about animals:

Here you will not only get some unique unknown facts about animals but will also get some ideas about many fun animal facts for kids. So just check out these random animal facts.

  1. Gorillas can also suffer from human colds or other human illnesses.
  2. Any newborn chinese water deers are very small in size and you can hold them in your palm even.
  3. An ostrich can defeat a horse in a run race!
  4. In the case of lions mostly the female goes hunting.
  5. Have you ever heard of Yorkshire Terrier? It’s the smallest dog in the world.
  6. Koalas are not very common to all of us but their fingerprints look exactly like the humans.
  7. Mostly we have seen green parrots but here are grey parrots and they are considered as very selfless creatures.
  8. Have you ever thought of a dog kissing another? But prairie dogs do!
  9. If any difficulty arises, ghost crabs take the help of their teeth to catch their prey.
  10. Mantis shrimps can be the greatest boxers of this world! Because they have very strong punches.
  11. According to the Guinness World Records, the known oldest domestic dog breed was found in 329 BC.
  12. And if you’re a cat lover then let us tell you that according to the Guinness World Records the known oldest domestic cat breed was found 9500 years ago!
  13. The right side of the dolphins are so active that it can even defeat the activity level of humans.
  14. In a specific area of New York you can find a very individual species of ants and they are only found there.
  15. If you paint the cows like Zebra, then that can save them from the bites of the flies!
  16. Capuchins wash their feets and hands with urine when they are excited!
  17. Generally we all know that animals, birds or fishes have their own communication ways but the accents of Caribbean whales vary from the other whales.
  18. According to the iScience, there are some sharks that have a special glow and it helps them in identifying each other.
  19. Some snails have such weird shells that look exactly like hairs.
  20. Cowbirds have their own specific passwords so that they can connect to their younger ones.
  21. Tasmanian Devils try to make life long bondings since their birth.
  22. Grizzly bears have super sharp claws and can crush stronger things too!
  23. Humpback whales have a bubble technique to catch their prey.
  24. Ducks surf to catch food or to move through the water.
  25. Slow lorise’s bite can cause anaphylactic shock in humans that causes death!
  26. Can birds do maths? Yes, indeed! Pigeons can count!
  27. Chimpanzees are found to love enjoying drinks.
  28. According to biology letters, sea otters are also seen to take the help of different tools!
  29. If a frog is freezed it doesn’t mean that they are dead because without even dying they can freeze.
  30. In comparison to the female horses it is found that males have more teeth.
  31. Koalas can sleep for like hours in a day! (18-22 hours per day)
  32. Octopus can move for around 22-26 miles per hour. Just imagine the speed!
  33. Dolphins have specific whistles for one another.
  34. Reindeers have wonderful bright baby blue eyes. But sorry, it’s only during winters!
  35. Giraffes have a 20 inches long tongue that looks black in colour.
  36. Elephants also have soothing techniques like humans 
  37. Painted turtles generally breath through their butt during the winters.
  38. Surprisingly dogs have very few less buds in comparison to humans.
  39. Parliament can be formed by a group of owls too! Yes, that’s what a group of owls is called.
  40. Snow leopards have less vocal cords so they don’t roar.
  41. Salamanders can replace their body parts.
  42. Squirrels have such strong motherly instincts that they can even adopt any homeless!
  43. Cows also can form life long bondings.
  44. Moths fall in love with the scents.
  45. Octopus has three hearts among which two are used to pump blood to their gills and the other one pumps blood to the entire body.
  46. Some amynthas worms can even jump.
  47. Ravens can deceive each other smartly.
  48. It’s not about the fur but the skin of the tiger is actually stripped.
  49. Cats are so smart that they can understand when you are calling their names.
  50. If slow music is played then cows can produce milk.
  51. Butterflies use their feet to taste things.
  52. Spur-winged goose flesh is dangerous for humans.
  53. The saliva of vampire bats works as an anticoagulant.
  54. The poop of the wombat looks cube shaped.
  55. The colour says it all! The giraffes having darker spots are supposed to be more dominating.
  56. Queen mole rats to maintain her dominance can infertile the other female rats.
  57. Sea otters generally hold hands while they sleep as it saves them from drowning.
  58. Squirrels indirectly help in planting thousands of trees simply by forgetting the whereabouts of their nuts.
  59. Female puppies allow the male puppies to win while playing games.
  60. Gentoo penguins cna also propose like humans! Difference is we use rings or flowers but they use pebbles.
  61. In china killing a panda is a serious crime which can be sentenced to death.
  62. Rats produce a weird sound when tickled that seems as if they are laughing.
  63. You all will be happy with this that spiders in real life just can’t fly!
  64. Sweden organises a rabbit jumping show almost every year.
  65. Oysters can change their gender to mate!
  66. Japanese macaques know how to make snowballs and they have fun with it.
  67. Seahorses hold each other’s tails when they travel.
  68. Chicks also have a specific secret password through which before even hatching they can communicate with other chicks and their mothers.
  69. Dogs nose prints are very unique and can be identifiable like humans.
  70. Turritopsis nutricula can even live forever.
  71. Goats also have their specific accents.
  72. Birds’ hollow bones help them to fly better.
  73. Frogs breath with the help of their skin.
  74. Elephants also have their own sound wave to communicate but that is too low for humans to hear and understand.
  75. Sharks can understand the change of water pressure, movements and are also able to undertake the smallest electrical charges in water too.
  76. Tardigrades are the ruler as they can survive in any climate.
  77. Have you ever seen the smallest bird egg? It looks like a pea.
  78. The horned lizards when they feel afraid secrets blood from their eyes.
  79. Wolverines have such teeth that help in tearing frozen meat.
  80. Barn owls are so silent while flying that you will think that they are dead.
  81. Tarantulas and frogs are seen to share amazing bonds.
  82. Penguins have spike-like structures inside their throats.
  83. Bees communicate with each other by dancing.
  84. Seahorses generally mate for life.
  85. Koalas consume huge amounts of cyanide in their diets.
  86. Turtles ribs are well fused to their shells.
  87. Ants can do calculation. They count their steps which help them in finding ways.
  88. The blue whales have huge hearts that weigh like a small car!
  89. Zebras striped skins help them to create illusion for their predators.
  90. Have you ever seen the largest jellyfish? They are named as lion mane.
  91. Japanese spider crabs have 4m long legs!
  92. Sharks can fight for their survival even when they are in the womb.
  93. Elephants carry their babies in their womb for 22 months.
  94. Reptiles swallow rocks because it helps in digesting their foods.
  95. Sometimes hippos’ skin grows 6cm thick.
  96. Do you know the oldest vertebrate? It’s the Greenland shark.
  97. Some cats can glow in the dark and they are assumed to be the cure for AIDS.
  98. Pigeons and doves secret fluid filled cells to feed their babies.
  99.  Hummingbirds beak can be 10 cm long.
  100. Darwin frogs stay in the vocal form of their fathers and when their fathers get old they cough them out.

As you can see that these strange facts about animals can just blow your mind. These facts are about various animals and as you can see that all these animals have their own interesting facts and simply you will love all these!