A 20 questions game to ask a guy is a very classic idea to pass the time with your friends. In this list you will get 20 fun questions to ask a guy. So, whenever you are in need of questions to ask you can take help from these 20 questions for a guy. In these 20 funny questions to ask a guy you will get many such questions that will help you to understand the person. In fact these are very good 20 questions to ask a guy as it helps to smoothen the flow of the conversation.  But definitely think before asking the questions because if you guys are not that much close to each other you can not ask typical personal questions to that person. Otherwise the person may get hurt and if you want to make the game more funny then don’t forget to ask these interesting questions.  Before starting the game, always remember that it depends on you whether you are going to make the game funnier or serious.

Here is the list of 20 questions:

  1. Are you a brand conscious person or not?
  2. What according to you is a wastage of money?
  3. What according to you is a perfect and complete relationship?
  4. What is the real meaning in your words about life?
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. What do you think makes a man a successful person?
  7. After 10 years where would you want to see yourself?
  8. What are the three things that you will definitely look for in your life partner?
  9. What was the toughest period of your life you believe?
  10. What are the three things for which you are most thankful in your life?
  11. Are you an atheist or non atheist?
  12. Do you believe that life changes after marriage and if yes then tell us in which way does it change?
  13. What is your biggest fear in life and why is that?
  14. Which word describes you the best in between introvert and extrovert?
  15. Have you ever lied to your parents about your relationship?
  16. Can you forgive your partner if you find her cheating and also explain the reason?
  17. What is your morning routine and is that your regular routine?
  18. What is your dream destination?
  19. Is there any place in this world where you want to travel alone?
  20. What is more important to you in between money and relationships?

As you can see these good 20 questions to ask a guy are very unique. You can play this game online too and for that purpose also these 20 questions to ask a guy over text is very suitable and in order to know a personality better you can definitely try out these questions to ask a guy in 20 questions.